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5 features to stop me leaving

Just a quick background to this post.

A few months ago I was working on a track that was in desperate need of some serious strings sounds which forced me into buying east west symphonic orchestra. Since then I've branched out into the world of kontakt sample libraries, rack extensions and plug-ins and have built up quite a library. Everything from top quality orchestras to super realistic guitars and basses (orange tree samples evolution strawberry). And of recent I've been toying with the idea of starting to use logic as my main daw instead. But being there is so much that's I love about reason I'm kinda of stuck in this annoying rewire middle ground.

So here a list of feature improvements that are not necessarily features that I think would make reason massively better but just solidify my decision to stick with reason

1. The mixer - easily my favourite feature of reason, the simple concept of actually being able to fully "mix" in the mixer. As it is I think it stand above any other daw I've used simy because of how intuitive it is. Only thing I'd add to it is the ability to have unlimited fx In the insert section, either through allowing you to scroll or expand that section. (Combinators with more knobs would be helpful too) and being able to group mix channels.

2. Rewire master - either beig able to use reason as the master in rewire or allowing configurable midi out and virtual audio in/out ports (like jack osx) to allow you to get creative with hardware and other plugins.

3. Import export - this agin is one of my favourite reason features, being able to stem out a whole song in a matter of minutes is bliss. Only thing I'd add to this being able to export single/groups of tracks as midi or audio. Also the ability to drag and drop audio, and export more audio formats

4. The sequencer - what would really help put reason way above others is by automatically creating folders /headings/groups for devices within the same group. Also being able to create groups and sub groups of sequencer tracks to really clean up the interface.

5. The SDK - it seems the main reason a lot of developers are reluctant to make rack extensions is because of how closed it is plus the limitations on graphical interfaces. I believe opening up the SDK a little (maybe a free download for anyone who wants it) and maybe providing more freedom in interfaces as well as some scripting features similar to kontakt. Would mean more sample libraries and developers would move on to reason.

Sorry in advance for any mistakes, writing this with my phone which is pretty slow

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