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Post Redrum Suggestion


I am writing this to the programmers at Propellerhead as possible suggestions for future upgrades.. but if anyone else can tell me if I'm missing something in the software that allows for these things to happen, please let me know.....

I use Redrum mostly and I wanted to suggest something that I think could make programming drums a little easier.

I like how when I click on the drum I wish to program, I see the created patterns on the row of pads. What I don't like is that I can't see the patter of the other drums I previously programmed. I've seen software that lets you see all the drums, and I know you can see all the drums when you open the sequencer. But my suggestion is for the instrument panel. To me, it would make things easier if I could see rows of only the drums I chose. For instance, if I'm programing a kick and a snare then I would see 2 rows of pads. If I want to add a hi hat, I could choose to see 3 rows, etc...

Also, I think it would be great to have more than 10 sounds available to me on one instrument. If I want to use 2 or more snares, 3 or more crashes, cowbells, shakers etc on top of a standard kit I have to open another Redrum... and even in the sequencer I cannot see both Redrums at the same time.

I suppose I am not the typical user of Reason, I'm a rock guy and I program my drums like a "real" drummer would play them, that's why I need more snares and crashes... I like to alter their tone a bit to make the hits sound different. Some snare hits are rim shots, some are in the middle of the drum and some aren't. You get the idea.

Lastly, in the sequencer, It would be ideal to me if the velocity control didn't control every drum that hits in that spot. In other words, if I program a hi hat and a kick in the same spot, at the moment I seems like any velocity change effects both drums and I would like to have control of each drums velocity instead.

I'm a musician, not an engineer so it's quite possible that I don't know all there is to know but from a user stand point I thing these changes could improve the over all use of Redrum.

Thanks for listening.



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