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Thanks To All!

Thanks to all the guys for the love I'm really appreciate it, stunning!

Anyway I've made a few accounts so to read the PUF & wasn't even posted from them, but PH just banned them one by one for no reason, it's alright, coz I didn't expect something good from them!

For the RE's policy, I really don't want to sell my RE's, but I always was against that incredibly stupid policy which violates simple economy rule: bought/sell, sell bought that works for thousands of years!

Great that a lot of people are understand that & it's enough for me!

Plus I just can't be silent about stupidity & idiotism!

Lot's of people were saying that they don't buy RE's coz of that policy & unbelievably stupid EULA!

Damn I can't even show Reason to my friend (sure I'll when I need) & let him play some melodies on a synth, fuck your EULA guys, it's wack!

Thanks again to all & good luck, was a nice ride!

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