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Old 2013-08-15, 07:58
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Improved Sampling Functions, Browsing, and "Live Instrument" RE's

New Browser. Enable Import Audio while in play mode. The only work around I know of is if you have a Midi transport on a controller.. My issue is, when I am browsing for a sample...I kind of like to hear the samples against whatever is playing in Reason. If devices allow you to browse patches in play mode, why not when importing audio? ...without a Midi transport controller..and without using a sampler?

This is another reason why I wish they would have added the auto slice and time stretch functions in the "Edit Sample" area as well. This way you don't have to miss out on the time stretching/auto-slice functions in the sequencer, for sample triggering via a device if you choose to import audio there first.

I absolutely need some better live sounding instruments. The Refills are ok, but in comparison to some of the companies who specialize in virtual instruments, Reason could use a little help in this department IMO. How many Synthesizers do we need? I mean really? Reason already include loads of synths at stock purchase. There are 1000's of patches for those stock synths. Then, you have loads of RE the form of synths. I love Square Waves...Saws...Sines...Triangle...LFO's...etc to death. But please....oh please don't develop anymore Piano, CV this...Filter that...nor anymore Synth RE's ...before some kind of sounding RE emulations of a variety of Brass, String, Guitar, Woodwind, and World instruments.

And to the "fanboys"...before your subjectivity shines through...I love Reason just as much as the next music creator

PS I have said on many threads how outdated the Browsing in Reason well as the "favorites" no need to beat a dead horse...or is it?

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