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Old 2013-07-18, 20:29
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Chronologists : CMD: Equations (Sample Equations))

Hi Everyone,

some time ago, someone in this forum (or an other) asked p-head for a math module. I remembered that i disagreed on this proposal, since basic math can be done via thor and other base modules. However, since the chronologists released their little but powerful toolchain concerning math and signals processing (aka CMD:Equation, CMD:Constants and Equations little brother) i changed my mind (yes, thats possible ).

Does someone of you created some cool equations and is willing to share them?

As a starter, i found it quite useful to detect the presence of a signal through the m-class compressors gain reduction cv output.

following modules are needed for this to achieve:

CV Gain Reduction -> CMD:EQ01(CV01, Pass)
CMD:Constants CV01 (Value 1000) -> CMD:EQ01(CV02, Pass)

Multiply Term01 x Term02


Divide Term01 / Term02

Quite primitive, but does show the presence of a signal by putting 0 or 1 on the output. Might be useful for someone. Be aware of Divisions by Zero, since it can generate a black hole

Post Scriptum:
If I have more interesting Equations, I'm willing to share them.


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