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Old 2013-07-22, 10:45
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[OM] Watch Wolverine/grown ups 2/red 2/ripd Online

Watch Wolverine Online : Director James Mangold's take on Marvel's head boy transplants Wolverine to Tokyo, where the billionaire head of Yashida Corp, an old friend who was with Logan at the bombing of Nagasaki, is on his deathbed. Download Wolverine Movie He's offering Wolverine a chance at redemption. By passing on his healing power he can gain mortality and earn a chance to live as normal life as a man with foot-long claws and indestructible metal grafted to his skeleton could ask for. Then – wouldn't you know it – the old man ups and dies too soon, leaving his granddaughter a fortune and the movie a reason to rattle on with Logan slicing 'n' dicing inheritance-hungry yakuza as her boyfriend/bodyguard. Watch Wolverine Online Mangold, writer of Girl, Interrupted and director of 3:10 to Yuma and Walk the Line, is more actors' director than action man. He likes Logan more than the Wolverine. The film's opening hour is an evenly-paced gangster thriller that toys with the character as cultural export. He's a snarling beast, adrift in a society that runs on the individual's commitment to keeping their true nature concealed. Download Wolverine Movie There's obvious parallels with Logan's own struggle to contain his bestial nature, at least until Mangold unsheathes the set pieces and lets the Wolverine run riot. It's here – in the middle of the roaring and cutting that we've seen rejigged many, many times before – that our interest falls to pieces. The fights are predictable, the scenery disappointingly drab considering the potential in Tokyo's neon-lit wonder-world.

Watch Grown Ups 2 Online The summer comedy doesn’t get enough space at the local Cineplex’s anymore. There seems to be too many animated films and big summer blockbusters with monsters and superheroes. “Grown Ups 2” does what something like “The Internship” forgot to do – let loose (haven’t seen “This Is the End” but it likely lets very loose). This sequel is silly, friendly, ridiculous, and unfurls like they thought it up as they went along. To be frank, it’s not for the cynical, hip, or too cool to have good time crowd. Download Grown Ups 2 Movie

Watch Red 2 Online Now that the joke of aging and retired assassins is behind us, having been successfully played out in “Red”, “Red 2” is able to move beyond its initial concept and allow this mighty talented cast to really flex their comedic muscles in a sequel that just slightly surpasses the original.
When Marvin (John Malkovich) tracks down Frank (Bruce Willis) and his new spouse Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) to alert them they are CIA targets and need to find the location of a long-lost nuclear weapon, the retirees go on the run. Former Black Ops team member Victoria (Helen Mirren) is tasked with targeting and killing Frank and friends, but even she has to beat newcomer and ace assassin Han (Byung-hun Lee) to the kill. Download Red 2 Movie

Watch Ripd Online "R.I.P.D.," from Universal, opened to a dismal $12.8 million domestically. Robert Schwentke's action-comedy is the summer's latest big-budget bomb, and stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as deceased police officers who must protect the living from evil spirits who refuse to move on. The pic, drawing comparisons to "Men in Black," earned a C+ CinemaScore."R.I.P.D." wasn't the weekend's only disappointment as both "Turbo" and "Red 2" underperformed in their domestic openings. Download Ripd Movie

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