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Old 2013-07-28, 02:05
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Why are Refills not set up like Rack Extensions?

I have been using Reason (6.5) for a few months now, and really like most aspects of it. One thing that is driving me crazy though, are the Refills. I have bought quite a few Rack Extensions and love how easy it is to access them. You buy them, and they go right into Reason. The Refills, on the other hand, are a royal pain! I have bought 4 of them, and they vanish into some mystery pit of hell. Does anyone know why they aren't automatically added to Reason like Rack Extensions...or is there a way to do that? This might be a stupid question, but I'm getting tired of spending money and not having access to the "goods". Even when I can access the folders, they are empty. (I hear some of you thinking..."like your empty head!") Sorry, like I said, I'm rather new to this!

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