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Support is out to lunch...

So I fill out ALL of My system settings on the support form after the authorizer failed and didn't remove my license after one lost computer and hard drive refresh. So first, the support person misread My issue and reported my ignition key as LOST. Wtf? I specifically stated that it was an offline auth issue, ok well... Now I am limited to online verification use only (going backwards now). And I received instructions to enter a link/code from the support person. Nope- two days later after I told them no go I get a message saying to update the authorizer and remove the old one using a 'Cmuninstall' utility- I can't find the folder he is looking for so I did a bit of research and turns out he gave me the Mac instructions instead of the Win8 WOW..... I filled out previously in the support form. I was hoping this wouldn't spiral into counter-productivity, but I'm right there. I am a bit frustrated, even Prop's twitter acct used to help out in these cases, but they are silent and unresponsive and I think two day turnarounds for support is WEAK.

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