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How do you organize synth patches?

Having owned Reason for half a year now, I thought I would take the time to go through *all* synth patches that ships with it. Ultimately when starting a new song, I would like to be able to *quickly* find synth patches that come close to what I need for the song and then maybe tweak them as needed.

I realize though when browsing through the pathces that there are more potentially useful patches then I will remember. I will have to write them down in some way. To be able to find what I need quickly in the future I will have to categorize them in some way, but another problem is that I feel that I somewhat lack the language to describe them. It could be something like

simple/complex (thin/thick?)
fast/slow attack

but as I said, guess I need to develop my language before doing this. If I can do this though, I could make an excel document or something to be able to search for the properties I want. Does this sound like a good idea? :-)

Anyone with similar problem as mine? How do you deal with it?

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