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Old 2013-07-28, 23:03
DJMigra DJMigra is offline
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My personal ideas/suggestions for Reason 7.5 / 8.0

-Ability to copy+paste while playing. (Loops, samples, midi regions, etc in the sequencer. cmd+d (duplicate) if possible which is cmd+c + cmd+v in one step)

-Better file browser. ('File too large for autoplay' message for a 4-16 bars loop? ._. )

-Mute/Solo buttons on track name area. (On attached mixer) (Situation: When I want to modify Gate/Compressor parameters by Soloing a channel, I have to scroll down to Unsolo it, and If I'm unsatisfied and I want to modify more those parameters I need to scroll up again, and scroll down again to unsolo it and so on and so forth..... If Mute/Solo are placed right above the 'Seq' and 'Rack' buttons in the track's name area it will be always visible, avoiding to keep scrolling up and down.) This one not really needed since I can press 'Rack' and Mute/Unmute or Solo/Unsolo there, but just an idea. =P

-Mute/Solo in SSL mixer to be linked with Mute/Solo in sequencer (If I Mute or Solo a track or channel in the Mixer, in the sequencer it doesn't reflects that parameter, it keeps Unmuted or Unsoloed and viceversa. It's kind of nonsense and visually confusing!, If I Solo or Mute a track in Mixer it HAS to be Solo or Mute in sequencer as well)

-Reordering, repositioning track to be linked in Mixer/Sequencer. (Like the previous Mute/Solo, reordering track's position is not linked in Mixer/Sequencer, If I move a track to another position in the SSL mixer it's not reflected in the sequencer. If I have 3 audio tracks named 'One', 'Two' and 'Three', in the mixer are in that order from left to right and in the sequencer from up to down, well, in the mixer I move the track 'Two' to the right of the track 'Three' so it appear 'One','Three' and 'Two', in the sequencer it's still 'One','Two','Three'.)

-Add a 'Show Tool Window' Button in Transport Bar (next to ReGroove button maybe) (For having it handy and avoid pressing Fn+F8 or going to Menu)

-Color Picker for custom colors

Just a few ideas/suggestions =D
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