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The 'Music Forum': A simple equation.

I originall posted this as an observation thread in the PUF but someone suggested I post it here too.

Originally Posted by Ostermilk View Post
Considering the amount and depth of diverse talent I've learned that exists in a large proportion of the people that frequent the PUF I've always been surprised at why the 'Music Forum' here seems to be so under-utilized in comparison to the Music boards on the forums of other products I've owned.

There's a simple reason for the fact that people post stuff and it quickly falls off the first page without a single listen. That reason is there are plainly more folk posting their stuff than there are those that are prepared to listen and pass comment on anyone elses work.

If someone who posts a track, that I assume because they would themselves like to be heard, listens and comments on just two other tracks as the small 'price' for posting their own song the plain fact is there'd be twice as many people listening as there are posting and the place would be rocking.

I'd suggest to anyone who is currently posting there in the hope of having someone listen to their efforts first fulfils that same wish for a couple of the other folk in there. It's a simple equation, easy enough to do and the place is guaranteed never to work if you don't.

It's kind of an axiom at play here in that if there's a thing YOU want out of something you often have to give something away first. Give it away to keep it because it's very easy, if you can't be bothered to listen and comment you can guarantee you'll never be heard in the long term.
The usual reaction to this kind of thing is to say 'Ah, but I listen to far more than I comment on.' which is fine, but the facts remain.

I don't need convincing, it's not about me anyhow, if you are interested in whether this forum works or not the figures explain themselves, a bare minimum of two comments given to someone else for each track posted will guarantee that this facility that you currently have will start to thrive. Yep, that does say guarantee, for the ridiculously low 'price' of a couple of comments per track posted.

You also get the added benefit that something you hear other than your own stuff may even provide you with some inspiration that you wouldn't have arrived at unless you took the time.

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