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Lightbulb On Reason 6, 7 and any upcoming.

Well it's been a while since i wrote to the forum, but i thought i might hit another thread to hear from the community what they think of what i have to say.

First of all, dead Propellerhead staff, you know that i appreciate you. You were always listening with full attention the community and the result is a Reason better than ever.
We asked for audio recording. We had Record. Then you did the smart thing. You merged it into Reason. That was the reason i upgraded from 4 to 6! Worth the price!
Now, Reason 7 has a handy spectrum analyzer, i can say it is a good add on, oh you can also control hardware but since i don't use and will not use Reason for that, it's useless to me. But don't get me wrong, it's a great feature. Parallel proccessing? Now that was a good one. I was duplicating channels, now i can do things easier and more neat. Tell you what, wanna know what made me feel REALLY good though? It was the CREATE A LIGHTWEIGHT SLICED REX LOOP feature!!! Wow! I can use all Octo Rex now, without having to buy another program to do so. I can't have the in depth configuration and tweaking (hey fair enough) but i can slice and dice my samples and playback them however i like fast and easy peasy.
And then, here comes my thoughts. I got Reason 4, full price, deserved every cent! I bought the upgrade to Reason 6 and deserved every cent! My pc is too slow to run it properly, still its a great tool! And now? Shall i buy the new upgrade? Ummm... i don't know... what i really wanted, was that REX feature. That gives in my case the most utility. So... i was expecting this as a free feature on a 6.5 or something, or a full merge of Recycle into Reason in a future Reason version. That seemed to me the logical step in Upgrading the main product. And since there are people who don't wanna buy Reason, but need Recycle, it can stay also as a stand alone tool. Just a thought.
Bottomline, i was wondering if you could add some more stuff that have general utility in Reason 8, or even merge Recycle features. Now that could force my feet send my body to the nearest shop to buy that kind of upgrade.
Don't get me wrong, i don't complain or something, Reason 7 became more and more full and competitive product, but imagine it slicing loops like no other DAW can. Imagine it having all those awesome features it has. Imagine it having all those Rack Extentions. Now imagine it having Modular Fxes and Modular Synths- Samplers oh wait... combinator, we can already do that :P and finally imagine Reason having a super competitilve price.
Buy Reason as a starter, cost less if price is kept same (more features). Buy the upgrade... well... if it is worthy, i can afford to buy a second upgrade with pleasure.
And also, Recycle can become a tool for all tablets. Yes if you could make Android compatible software... that would be great! But i can imagine several good reasons you don't. So i can't just mindlessly ask for that, when your strong feature in your products is stability!
So if anyone else believes what i say makes sense, or what i say is nothing more than crap, please take a few minutes to talk about it. After all, half of what Reason is, is us, the Prop community.

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