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Balance error - usb not recognised

I have recently downloaded a trial rack extension from the shop earlier today on to my laptop. The RE is there and working fine, until i have plugged my balance into it. Now it comes up saying USB device not recognised. I have gone onto the reason site to reauthorize the unit but that has not resolved the issue. I have also tried downloading the new balance drivers but that has not fixed the issue. Ive also deleted and re installed reason but still not working.
The balance does not power up.
I have tried different USB cables with the vague hope that would resolve the problem as well as the usual turn it off and on routine but here we are.
I am using windows 7 with reason 7.
I only mention the RE trial as it is the only thing that has changed on the computer between the device working and not working. The system was working fine one day, i download the trial, the laptop no longer recognises balance. The balance usb has been working with this laptop since i bought it over 6 months ago. The balance is connected to the correct usb port. Ive tried connecting just the balance box without any other usb devices, and it still will not power up. I havent changed anything in the system. Ive tried plugging the balance into my old laptop and it powers up. i tried it into another laptop and it powered up then too but when i plug it into my main laptop, it wont power up, comes up, usb device not recognized. my laptop just wont recognize it even though my old laptop does. ive downloaded the new driver. not working. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling reason and the balance drivers, still wont work.
ive been using a behringer 32 x compact with reason since my balance has given up, and that has been working without issue.
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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