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Old 2013-08-07, 17:58
ejdrouillard ejdrouillard is offline
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my Reason 8 wishlist (tl;dr: polyphonic CV pleeez)

Performance devices:

I'd love to have Rack devices that can trigger/loop polyphonic MIDI clips (preferably not just in quantized step sequencer fashion) just like we can loop with Dr. Rex or Kong. As with our audio sampling options, it'd be cool if this device had a recording button where you could record directly into the device without needing to touch the sequencer (or drag and drop a MIDI clip to the loop zone).

Of course, this would require Reason to be able to transmit multiple notes over CV.

And when we have that, I'd also love a device that can just trigger predefined chords (the difference being that I could sustain the chords as long as I wanted while performing).

For me, those would be incredibly valuable composition tools. Reason seems so close to making Live irrelevant for me...

Improved samplers:

I'd love to have an advanced sampler that can auto-stretch samples as their pitch is adjusted. Hey, if that's a little too advanced/CPU intensive, I'd also be happy to have some kind of sampler wizard in the sequencer that can take a clip and make pitch-shifted/time stretched copies over a user-specified range of notes.

Having a modern stream-from-disk sample engine would also be appreciated, if only because I feel like it's part of the reason that Reason is seeing fewer and fewer interesting new 3rd party sample libraries. I'd love to see Reason give Kontakt Player a run for its money.

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