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Old 2013-08-10, 05:04
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'Spam-away.' Special forum for non-registered members.

The spam has really gotten bad.

I understand the need to allow non-registered users into the forum (so that those entertaining the idea of purchasing Reason can ask questions), but this is ridiculous. It's not Propellerhead's fault.

I have a suggestion. I feel this fills two needs.
First, I feel there is a need for a forum dedicated to newbies =)
So, they can feel free to ask questions and find answers more specific to folks new to Reason. That forum will also be the only forum that non-registered members can post to.

The General forum seems to work something like that... However, registered users need a general forum for themselves as well. So, to at least alleviate the spam from the registered users' forum, why not just create another forum dedicated to (and called) "Unregistered forum." Prospective users could still be able to read other forums...

Sorry to simply suggest passing the buck to those who aren't registered yet, but unless something can change on the backend to help deter spam (during after hours), it's the best thing I can think of.


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