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Old 2013-08-13, 01:34
madmaxgba madmaxgba is offline
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Unhappy Dedicated controller for rack and mixer?

I'm sure something like this has been asked before, sorry in advance for my laziness to skim OPs.

I really, really, and one more time to express my burning desire, REALLY wish Propellerhead would design themselves and/or work with a company like Novation to bring us an actually usable controller for the rack and mixer.

For use with the rack: knobs and faders on the controller automatically smart-lock onto knobs and faders on whichever rack piece is selected in the rack page (unlike the ZeRO SL which you have to have a track selected in the sequencer to be able to control it in the rack which can slow down workflow considerably). Also have the ability to remote override any parameter on a rack device to any pot, fader, or button on the controller. So, complete "reassignability" if there are some parameters you want to make easier to get to, or to cluster your most used ones in a specific area, etc.

The ZeRO SL MKII is the best controller I've been able to find for rack and mixer purposes, but it still has its major shortcomings i.e. the problem I mentioned before. Also, auto-lock doesn't work for all the devices and some, like the PX7 do not work entirely. Also, the parameters the controller actually locks onto sometimes has me scratching my head like knob 1 being automatically assigned Filter 2 reso (just an example). The mixer portion is a huge pain in the arse to get set up so I'm not even going to get into the finer details.

If Props could include a mixer section on the controller, that would be fantastic. Motorized faders, EQ and dynamics control, etc. Doesn't have to be the whole friggin' SSL desk, but something that you can easily manipulate with as few mouse clicks as possible.

THE MAIN "REASON" I want a dedicated controller designed to be used ONLY with Reason, because Reason is bigger and more complex than any other DAW/music creation program out there, yet has no outboard controller that works well with it. Sure, there are workarounds and you can remote override yourself to death, but I want to focus on making music and that seems to be Props' main focus.

I've been using Reason since 2.0, and it has come so far since then and weaseled Pro-Tools, Live, and Reaper completely off my computer so now I can get everything I need in one system, but I'm very tired of using the mouse to manipulate one parameter at a time, and spending hours tinkering with other controllers to get them to barely work correctly, with very limited customization to the controls.

Propellerhead, if you haven't already been trying to produce something like this, (and I think I speak for many others) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invest some time and help some loyal users make mo' music mo' betta. Thank you.

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