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Old 2004-01-02, 09:05
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Help! Trouble Mapping Midi Remote for Transport (Play, Stop)


I'm trying to control Reason's transport functionality (Play, Stop, Continue) via MIDI Remote mapping. My controller is an Edirol PCR-30. Edirol provides controller maps for Reason and they seem to work fine for most assigned items, except for the transport functions.

There are 3 buttons (L1,L2 & L3) on the PCR-30 that are programmed to send the following System Realtime/F6 messages:
L1: FC (Stop)
L2: FA (Start)
L3: FB (Continue)

Using MIDI_OX I have verified that the messages are transmitted. It appears that Reason will not "see" system realtime messages as acceptable MIDI control messages. Any ideas?

What are the generally accepted control messages for the transport controls? (I did not find any discussion in the MIDI implementation doc)

Also, I believe there is a bug in the transport when in Enable MIDI Remote Mapping. Right click (Windows version) does not bring up the dialog box to allow editing MIDI Remote mapping. You must turn the editor on (green arrows) in order to access the transport's midi remote mappings.

Thanks for the help!

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