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Question Poly Combinator (maybe)

Maybe it is possible..

Can we have 4-8 CV NOTE INPUTS at the Combinator please ???

and the Combinator mixes the Notes to Chords ???

it can be possible.. beacause it is possible to connect a single synth inside the combi and also connect the combi itself with CV-Notes...
and we can have 2 Notes at the same time with both CV-Note Inputs at one Synth (2 times Poly)..

so what is if we have more CV-Inputs on the Combinator ??
the combinator send the CV-NOTE Signal without any visible (MIDI) cable to the Synths/devices, which are inside the Combinator..


is it possible ??

PS: sorry for my bad english...

EDIT: i try to explain it a second time..

1. create a combinator
2. create a subtractor inside the combinator (RESET the device! / or choose a piano/keys poly patch)
3. create a matrix inside the combinator (maybe Reason does automatic wiring NOTE and GATE CV to the subtractor, if not connect it!)
4. create a Matrix outside the combinator (maybe Reason does automatic wiring NOTE and GATE CV, to the combinator if not connect it!)

if you hit Play you can trigger the subtractor in a 2-times polyphony way with the two Matrix sequencers
***anyone from the forum showed me that trick 6-8 months ago.. thanks a lot, i use it all the time!

1. Where and how the notes are mixed?
2. Why did the EMI (External Midi Instrument) not have 8 CV-Note Inputs?
3. Why did the Combinator not have 8 CV-Note Inputs?

some Rack Extensions can produce poly/chord notes to CV-Note.. with a Little trick. the devices shift back the same/equal notes a very little bit (inaudible)

btw: here is my idear for a new Rack Extension:

CV-Note Mixer:

16x Gate in
1x Gate out

what it should do:
shift every cv-note input a little bit backwards (fixed values)

Price: FREE ( for me )

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