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Reason files become too big

Quick question:

This most likely can be found somewhere in this forum, but still asking again;

I have recorded several audio (vocal) tracks in R 6.5 - I amy after a recording session have 6-7 audio tracks with vocals, thus making the reason file extremely big due to all the wav files being created inside the Reason file.

However, after the recording session is done I assemble all the best parts into only one or two audio channels before hitting save, thus reducing the reason file from 6-7 tracks to two, assuming this would reduce the overall file size. But the saved file remains huge, like let us say 450-500Mb

Seems like the delete vocals are somehow saved in a cache or something within the project - to make a long story short is there a way to remove this cached audio (vocal wav recordings that I do not see when I open the Reason file, but must still be in there since the file is so huge.

Otherwise it takes too much to upload it to for example Dropbox etc

Thanks for any advice
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