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Rack Extensions

I admit I was skeptical. It was the moment I'd been hoping for, that the DAW I loved using would get some form of VST support. I never had any complaints about the instrument devices in reason, I always felt it was a compact but sufficient arsenal of MIDI gear; but reason's capabilities with vocal processing and final mastering was somewhat lacking. Granted, my experience and skills were not what they are now; at the time they were sufficient tools. Since upgrading to reason 7 and having spent some time playing with the trial versions of the higher end REs, I thought I would write a list of the ones I plan to purchase and why; and to see if some of you might have some supporting arguments or thoughts either for or against my choices. I want to start out by saying that Softube has been the most impressive developer so far, and knowing other artists who use their products in other DAWs I am eagerly awaiting more of their products to become available.

1. Softube FET Compressor $149 - This was one of the first REs that I downloaded. I was already familiar with the plugin and it was a must-have. A common practice in my projects is to run a compressor on a send FX loop for balancing elements and though the MClass did the job, this technique did result in some distortion and muddied lows in certain situations. The FET immediately impressed me by the definition it brought out when i replaced it with the mclass comp in songs that already had this technique. Well worth the purchase in my opinion, it has made a dramatic improvement in the quality of sound in my projects.

2. Softube Trident A-Range $149 - I dont think this plugin even needs an introduction or write up, but I will say this: this is by far one of the most legendary eqs ever made. though it will be one of my last purchases it is a definite pick. if you've watched the videos and read reviews on the plugin available for other DAWs and you're not impressed, you damn well should be.

3. Softube TSAR-1 Reverb $199 - Buy this. Best reverb plugin I have ever used. period. I know there seems to be a common theme here, but let's face it. Softube is G.

4. Flower Audio "4Dyne" $75 - Though I am not familiar with flower audio, I was impressed by this device's capabilities. I haven't activated a trial yet, I am in the middle of the mixing stages of a project and I was thinking it might be nice to pull the 4Dyne in when I begin the mastering process. But, if it performs like they claim it will, it will be well worth the $75.

5. Izotope "OZONE Maximizer" $49 - This device is another which interests me for mastering purposes. Again, the MClass gear has certainly paid its dues, but I find in certain situations the signal can become distorted when running through the MClass chain. And also another plugin that I will wait to trial when I begin mastering.

So as you can see, my list mostly revolves around strengthening the areas that i feel reason is weakest. I do find the new instrument plugins intriguing but there hasnt been any besides Radical Piano that really interested me. And though propellorheads probably did a great job on it, I dont think its worth the $99 and I dont see much value in the other two instruments. I also havent trialed them yet! So we'll see.

That's my rant, what are your thoughts? What wouldnt you buy and why, or what would you buy?

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