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Radio/momentary Combi buttons, etc

I've suggested this before, but this would be so handy for me that I feel I should keep asking:

1) It would be VERY useful to be able to designate the 4 buttons on the Combinator as radio buttons. Playing live, this would enable the ability to instantly change from one device (or set of devices) to another with one movement, instead of having to press a remote button on your controller to set one Combi button to OFF and press another button to turn another Combi button ON. It doesn't seem like this would be very hard to do. One user came up with a very complicated workaround, which involved a 6x2 mixer for each button and a series of Spider Audio devices.

2) Similarly, it would also be very handy to be able to designate individual Combi buttons as "momentary". This would allow a remote key to activate a device only for the time it was pressed down. At the moment, the only controller that this function seems available for is the sustain pedal. Again - this doesn't appear to be very difficult to arrange.

Two other Combi improvements would make programming much faster:

3) If you've got a bunch of devices in a Combi and you want to reposition them (or their low or high limits) simultaneously, it can't be done. You have to individually select each device in the programming screen and adjust its parameters, one at a time. It seems you should be able to select however many you want using, say, the Shift key, or drag across them - much like zones in an NNXT - and perform the adjustment to the lot.

4) Another one I've mentioned before: the Combi Key Mapping screen should show the entire range of notes so that you don't have to scroll back and forth when you're setting ranges of devices in the Combi. When you click in the screen, it could expand to show the entire range then shrink again when you click out. You're rarely setting ranges AND using the Modulation Router at the same time. You're either doing one or the other, so expanding the Key Mapping screen into the Modulation Router section wouldn't be an issue.

5) When rerouting wiring connections in the back of the rack, it would be nice to be able to press Ctrl, Shift, or Alt while routing to reroute both left and right cables at the same time, if you wish. Of course, the default would be either/or, but being allowed to route both in one operation would speed things up.

All that said - LOVE the product!

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