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Angry Midi pitch problem

I have been using reason for years. I recently upgraded to reason 6, no problems. Then out of nowhere, the midi being sent comes out of reason at a different pitch than what is being played. I decided I must have accidently adjusted the pitch shift in reason. Nope, it is set a 440hz. Then I thought my keyboard was messed up. So I hooked up a midi instrument and my key board is not the problem. Then I thought maybe it was my midisport 1x1 midi/usb interface. So I went direct via usb into my computer (windows 7). This did not fix it. I am running reason through a new steinberg UR28M and that driver. I changed drivers (I guess still using the UR interface) but changing the driver did not fix it. Mind you, I have been using reason 6 with all the same gear for a couple of months and all was well. So next I uninstalled Reason 6.0 and reinstalled reason 6.02, and still no fix. It is weird to hear my keyboard make a note in F and what comes out in reason is an F#. I am out of ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions?

It is not my keyboard. It does not seem to be reason. Not my midi interface. I am running windows 7 64-bit, but I don't know if some setting in windows 7 or teh software that came with the UR28M could be the culprit. I guess the next thing would be to reinstall the UR software. Any suggestions?

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