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Islamic Dubstep - !?

Hola amigos! Here's a new one from me... it's a short piece for this month's Basschat new music competition (no prize, just for fun), inspired by a photograph of war-torn Syria.

I started this track by scouring YouTube for examples of Arabic music and stumbled across a video of a rebel fighter singing an 'Adhan' - an Islamic call to prayer - in the midst of a gun battle in Syria, which really grabbed my attention. I'm not a religious person, but it was a very moving clip that sent me in search of recordings of other Adhan, which I ended up using to write this track.

It's all been slung together in about 5-6 hours - which is a quick turnaround for me! - so it's a little rough around the edges. But heh.

Here's a link to the photo it's inspired by, for anyone interested:

Comments welcome! It's mixed on headphones, so any feedback on the mix itself would be super useful.

Twitter @Skol303

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