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Eurorack style modular cabinet

Modular synthesis is probably as big now as it's ever been. Hardware modules are everywhere & there are some fantastic software modular synths as well. Reason is of course a modular environment so why not take that a step further with a modular rack environment & devices for Reason?

Ideas much like this have been suggested before. But I'm thinking a Eurorack style cabinet that can be inserted into the Reason rack. It would be a Combinator like device that could be populated by individual modules that could be purchased just like regular RE's in the RE shop. The big difference here is that devices would be a specific depth (3U?) and width, designed to be used in the modular rack and they would have patch points on the front.

As with the Combinator there would be a bank of controllers that could be assigned to parameters on the devices & patches could of course be saved. Individual racks could then be patched together much like can already be done with Combinators & other Reason devices.

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