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Old 2013-10-02, 06:34
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Both optimisation & saving song files half the size and corrupt audio!

ongs are halfing in size every time I save!?
involuntary optimisation each time I clearly save as a new name? When saving song files recently Ive noticed it will try and halve the size of every song I try and then save and after I can clearly hear a corruption in audio quality! A degradation in the mix and its not good!
I am a mastering engineer so I know what Im hearing. A 137mb tune goes to 14mb and it now sound awful. That;s 1/4 of the size.
Whats going on. It was working ok to a few updates back.
Please Explain?!!! This has ruined several massive projects and is a huge disaster.
Worried but best regards Douglas
Reason 6.52 Build 2,786 OS 10.6.8

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