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Old 2013-10-02, 18:58
cpellick cpellick is offline
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Help! I can't record Reason into Pro Tools


I'm using Reason 7 and Pro Tools 10.3.7 and can't get them to work together! Here's what I'm doing:
- open PT, create track, select Reason as instrument.
- ReWire pops up (L & R automatically set on a stereo track, if I do a mono track, I select L, I've tried both ways) and Reason opens automatically. So far so good.
- I open say, an NNXT in reason and select grand piano.
- when I hit 'record' on my PT track, I should see the audio signal on the track and be able to record, but I can't! I can hear the piano fine, but PT isn't getting the signal. WHY NOT? WHAT AM I MISSING?!?!

A possible clue here, is that on my old system with Reason 3/PT 7, in Reason under 'OPTIONS', 'ReWire Sync' is greyed out but there's a check mark beside it. In my new system, under 'OTIONS,' then 'SYNC,' I can check EITHER 'internal' OR 'midi clock,' but 'ReWire Sync' is greyed out and I can't check it. In this case, 'internal' is checked.

Any help is really appreciated!!!

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