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Selecting Instruments in Rack

Hello All!

Just trying to optimize my workflow when exploring instruments:

Is there anyway, in the rack view, to select a instrument and make it active, to play from it ?

My oxygen49 has the next/prev "track" key,which works, but it iterates all the instruments. But I was looking for some more effective, like... point and click!

When I'm changing instruments, I use the sequencer view, and click on the track, making that instrument active and then go to the rack.

In the manual, page 6:
Select next device up or down (rack selected), select next track up or down
(track list selected), select clip on next/previous lane (Arrange view selected): Arrow up/down keys.

This won't work in rack view! I have all the 3 windows separated, don't want to go back and forth between them!

Oh! The details!

Tres Mono Synth // Ammo 400R // kiloHearts kHs ONE // CV Mutant // AutoTheory // Parsec // Polar // PX7 FM Synthesizer // Stereo Splitter // PredatorRE // RPVerb Effect // Echobode // SM Tritone // 4 Phase LFO // Synapse Antidote // Runciter // Uhbik A // Uhbik G // Uhbik S // ... lol... oh.. the moneyz..

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