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Midi importing workflow improvements

From a thread in the PUF

itsone3d (thank you, and sorry for hijacking your idea!) mentioned that there were 3 problems with midi importing into the sequencer that create frustrating workflow. Especially when trying to open midi files from a refill and getting the refill to preview them.

As i see it - the 3 problems are:

1) We do not have any sort of midi preview.
If this were implemented it would be great to listen to the midi file through an instrument/combi that is in the refill or one that is already in the rack.

2) Midi files, when imported, are auto assigned to id8
Maybe they should be assigned to whatever instrument/combi they were previewed through, or perhaps we should be asked which track we would like to import them to

3) The tempo of imported midi files "take over" the tempo of the track.
Instead of the imported files taking on a "master tempo" role, maybe there could be an option to import either at original tempo of the recorded midi or match to project tempo.

Speaking of matching to project tempo - it would be great if in the preview we could have that same option of listening to is at project tempo and how it was recorded.

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