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Old 2013-10-11, 03:51
2005mercero 2005mercero is offline
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Smile Choice of Neve VR channel strip anyone?

I won't mention the obvious group editing cross fades etc etc melodyne style blaa blaa blab just some ideas that I think would be super nice (and a few things that no one seems to have mentioned.

Automation by notes.

Logarithmic Automation editing.

More colours for everything (mentioned before but not enough)

Choice of Neve or SSL channel strip?... That would be cool! I love the never VR EQs

SSL EQ on the stereo bus.

Possibility to remove the strips at the top and left of the sequencer and rack.

Ability to view rack devices from the mixer, opening your insert as a new window like the spectral EQ.

Radical Strings.

Consolidate clips instead of join which removes fades.

Performance improvement! (Also mentioned but that's a must. I max on a daily basis!)

Not being able to change the tempo of a song without the audio changing too is annoying (I know you can disable stretch but if you then decide to stretch it a little you enable stretch and bam! arrangement all over the place.) [Sorry I know that's been covered too]

Global Stretch disable for audio, automation and midi separately

Split stereo to mono.

Mono button on master.

Shortcuts. We need more. If they could be the same as protools that would be great :P
I hate learning them but they are super useful.

Post production/video capabilites. (I don't want to use PT)

3D rack someone mentioned would be super nice.

... I'm sure almost everything else has been covered before/I can't remember half the stuff I wanted. I'll just update sometime

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