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Reason signal, Stereo or Mono?


I had a weird thing happen today while trying to play a keyboard using Reason 7 through a PA. Basically, some instruments I was playing (i.e. NNXT Grand Piano) were working fine but others (NNXT Rhodes) were not. After ruling out a software problem and a long and arduous process of trying to figure out what was going on and where the fault lay, I concluded that it was something to do with using a stereo to stereo, mini jack to 1/4 inch jack cable into a mono input on the desk. When I play the keyboard into a stereo output using a stereo cable everything was fine. Obviously a solution for this is to just use a mono cable to play Reason through the mono input on the PA and I'm aware that sending a mono signal through a stereo cable can result in common mode rejection if the signal is not panned, but that still doesn't explain why this affected some instruments yet didn't affect others.

Anyone have any ideas?

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