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Old 2013-10-16, 13:28
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Comping more than one track at the same time.

I'm not sure this is something everyone would need but I would have great use for it.

If I record an electric guitar I use two Mics, a Sm57 and a condenser which I record to separate tracks. At the same time I merge them to record a stereo version of the setup. Plus I record a digital version from the direct out of the amp.
So in total I have four tracks that I've recorded from the same source, and I usually make the guitarist run through the song three times so I have some comping options.
This means that I have to comp each track in exactly the same way 4 times over. It gets tricky and confusing, and especially tedious.
It would a great help if I could open one track in the comp editor but have others selected so they would be comped in the exact same way.

I think it's needed.

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