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Phrase sampler, Subrack, System link.

Would be good to have a multifunctional modular phrase sample laboratory cleverly integrated with the sequencer for quick work flow.

That and a couple other ideas:

Subrack: Like a combi but contains combis, instruments, fx, Mix channels, possibly audio tracks and midi/automation tracks too as it would allow Subrack to contain project parts that could be combined in to one reason song.

System link that links together pcs where multiple people can work on the same song at the same time possibly by each user using the Subrack idea above and having one pc as the master. the work could be saved in a Subrack file to import into a song file or have the master pc automatically import the other subracks in to the song file through the system link. Hell, why not Subracks in the system link imported by all pcs in the system link.

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