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Old 2013-10-22, 08:46
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A TRY AGAIN button when Authorization fails due to Broadband momentarily dropping

I post this as it just now happened to me:

I was working on a track, and needed to load up my a NEW SONG Template to try some stuff out.

At that moment, my Broadband connection dropped, showing a red light, and I got the Reason message that Authorization had failed and to check my connection, etc. Reason also defaulted to loading up a completely blank rack template.

When my Broadband light blinked ON to Green to suggest the connection was good again a minute or so later, I continued to try to load other Songs, and to open a New Song [ie. my Template], but Reason kept giving me the same message without seemingly trying to check and see if the Broadband was good again, or not.

Hence my suggestion of a TRY AGAIN button, to save the hassle of having to close Reason down, and entering the Password again, etc. for Internet Verification.

I hope this makes sense. FYI, my internet connection is still messing me around, so if Reason DOES automatically do this, then I apologise for wasting your time.


Jamie Caesar

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