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Petrale - Slug Lights [House]

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Bass Drum: Subtractor with a paralell mix channel for the sub
Snare Drum: Thor -> Scream -> RV7000 as send fx
Ride left: FSB-Sample -> Redrum
Ride right: FSB-Sample -> Redrum
Open Hihat 1: FSB-Sample -> Redrum
Open Hihat 2: FSB-Sample -> Redrum
Crash: FSB-Sample -> Redrum
Closed Hihat: FSB-Sample -> Redrum
Rhythmic pattern left: Noxious -> RV7000 as send fx
Rhythmic pattern right: Thor -> RV7000 as send fx
Bass: Sub Boom Bass (ducked at 58 Hz by the main kick and at 94 Hz by the accoustic kick)
Accoustic beat: FSB loop -> Octo Rex -> Scream as send fx
Main Chord: Revival -> Unison -> DDL-1
Background Chord: Malström -> DDL-1
Main Pad: Predator -> RV7000 as send fx -> Scream as send fx
Gated Pad: Ammo -> Alligator -> MC EQ -> Saturation knob as send fx
Background Pad: Malström -> Audiomatic -> RV7000 as send fx -> Scream as send fx
Lazer effect: Thor -> 3plex
Mastering chain: Stereo imager -> MC EQ -> Selig leveler -> MC Maximizer
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