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MTC and Reason 7


I'm trying to sync my old Boss BR-8 to control Reason - literally just stop/start is all I want.

Unfortunately I can't get Reason to work... just stares back at me o_0

I've set the BR-8 up correctly and Reason (as far as I can see). I've connected the MIDI cable correctly too but nothing happens when I press play.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Has anyone managed to get a similar setup to work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Not particularly important but if you're wondering what I'm doing with this setup -

I use the BR-8 as the main recording device and Reason as a sampler/synth. Then I lay real instruments over the top of my beats. Love the crunchy sound of my BR-8. (Working on 8 tracks is awesome by the way! You surprise yourself on how inventive you can be!)

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