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Exclamation Problems w Digital Audio in Reason 6.5

Not sure if others have experienced this but for some reason when I try to create tracks using samples I have chopped in reason, it always turns out to be a tedious train wreck. This was never the case in Pro Tools or in PC programs such as Acid. For some reason, the time stretch in reason always disrupts my work flow and my results are not acceptable. Enough so that I am looking elsewhere for processing digital audio. Very disappointing.

Here's an example. Import a Mozart wav. Snip & trim a 4 bar loop. Re-import it. Try to set it to the grid and do some time stretching. The automatic time stretch algorithm always gets in the way. When I try to disable, its even more of a cluster. Very frustrating. Its been an issue since Reason adopted digital audio processing.

Its even worse when recording live instruments and then trying to conform it to an electronic music arrangement. Huge cluster f***. Regardless of whether its enabled or disabled.

I donot only want to use sample pack samples, which is what Reason's digital audio handling only seems good for.

I am hoping that this issue was addressed in Reason 7 with the new warping but as it stands w Reason 6.5, not up to par. Has me looking elsewhere for a solution when working with samples.

Another iniquity is this adherence to this tape start stop system. PLEASE, let us have the option to have the cursor automatically go to the start marker position when we hit space bar. Not having this option makes working with digital audio samples in reason cumbersome and tedious.

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