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Simple sequencer feature requests

  1. Slice notes
  2. Change length of note from the left sides
  3. Allow shortening selected notes even if a note is the minimum size
  4. Make it easier to move selected notes (as it is, you lose the selection if you don't wait a moment)
  5. Ability to quantize note lengths
  6. In Note Velocity add "Smooth" tool with percent amount - eliminate accidental very loud or very soft notes
  7. Under Quantize change Random % to a button so that altering note starts can be done separately from quanitizing
  8. Allow cut/copy/paste of notes during playback (place chords or phrases interactively while song playing, or just let me cut/copy before I hit stop, which I keep forgetting to do)
  9. Keyboard shortcuts for Snap amounts (bar, quarter, 8th, 16th, 32nd)
  10. Lock End Marker
  11. Automatically move End marker if I Insert or Remove bars between locators
  12. The Mute tool should have a selection box (mute multiple things at once)
  13. Ability to mute notes
  14. Sometimes automation is ridiculously zoomed in or scrolled when I enter Edit Mode. Very unpredictable.
  15. Track folders
  16. Mute/unmute Other Note Lanes

In light of the confusion and bad vibes produced as a result, I thought I should stick a little clarification here. This thread is now officially for "simple sequencer feature requests". Please don't use this thread to voice your own sequencer feature requests unless they fall in the category of "simple" (things that should be easy for Propellerhead to implement) or are related to any of the above. The sequencer is a large topic. Please reply with feedback on the list, any ideas related to the list above, or other simple feature requests. Thanks!

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