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Softube Console-1, UK 4K upgrade

Softube is already a development partner and their Console-1 Technology is already available. If any features from this fantastic UK 4K mixing environment can be added to Reason in some way down the road as a paid upgrade, then I would do it. Here are some possibilities ...

1) I have already asked Softube to consider making a UK-4K channel strip RE. The "analog console saturation" feature is outstanding, not to mention the nearly perfect emulation of the EQ, Compressor, Filters and Gate features.

2) Allow Softube or any other 3rd party to do a Mixer upgrade in Reason. I would pay for it. Upgrade my Reason mixer to the Softube UK 4K mixer? Wow that would be great.

3) Allow Console 1 to work on Reason, the same exact way that it works on every other DAW on the market. Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic, Live, etc ... When I emailed Softube, they were not sure that Console 1 would ever be released for Reason. I hope this changes in the future.

The idea of using Reason as my only software program for Audio is finally becoming a reality and I have enjoyed every upgrade so far. I know that it's easy for users to snap their fingers and say "hey, this would be cool if ..." I understand that it's hard work. With that being said ... the demand is there for a really PRO channel strip upgrade. I love the factory Reason environment, but plugins like Trident A-Range and RE-2A take Reason and any other DAW on the market to an entirely different level already. Developing upgrades for the Reason mixer would be huge.

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