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Dropping in samples, live music stuff, DJing stuff

I'd like to see the Reason sequencer made like Acid Pro's layout, with similar functionality, i.e. you can just drop a sample in, select One Shot / Beatmap / Loop without Beatmap. Also, be able to do all this wherever you want, regardless of where the play cursor is during active recording. I guess that means being able to create a blank sequencer track and in advance telling Reason not to arm that track for recording, and *then* dropping a sample into it wherever you want, without the play cursor coming along and eating the sample up because it is automatically set to record, and the sample is set to automatically land where the play cursor is.

Also have some space below the lowest track in the sequencer, so that you can scroll the lowest track right up to the top of the sequencer window (can be useful).

In a wider sense l'd like Reason to increase its appeal to live musicians. I could go on and on about this (and l have done in the past), but it would be simpler for the Reason team to review ways of making live, unrehearsed music, what extra features / functionality you would need, what workflow improvements you would make. I think Reason does does the essentials for a live act (with some bonuses in that scenario), but l think one or two small things need improvement (e.g. the importing samples issues detailed above), and there are some workflow rearrangements that could be made ;-)

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