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Old 2013-11-10, 02:50
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Apologetic-poetic hip-hop beat featuring reverse sideways kick-drums and flower pots!

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These are just my thoughts
Inscribed in musical beats.
I hope you enjoy!

--- "Composition" details:

I actually had this hidden on some backup I made two years ago along with some other tracks I had forgotten I ever created so I was really surprised when I found this.

Luckily I had bounced all of my tracks to waves and I just happened to be reviewing my old tracks to see if there was anything worth working on so this was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

--- Production details:

FYI: Most sounds come from Yamaha Motif. Percussion and brass comes courtesy of modernbeats. Main drum is Kikbak with a slightly modified Reason Soul School drum beat layered on top of it (which is also used for the fill). Features my little guitar riff at the end that never made it into the instrumental so I let it sit at the end. The sound at the beginning is constructed using a few layers from some Orchestral sample pack I purchased from ebay along with background airport noise from another sample pack from the same team.

Arranged and mixed in Reason 7.

No Rack Extensions were harmed in the making of this instrumental.
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