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3-1 Rule

Hey guys,

It can be lame trying to get feedback on a track, sometimes I get as many as zero comments on something I have spent days working on. Even if you do not like a track, it can still be helpful to tell a person why.

The other thing I hate is when I post a track and 1 person says "cool track" or something like that. Really?

Here's what I suggest... You need to provide feedback on 3 tracks before you post 1 of your own. When you post your own track for feedback, you should also post links to the 3 tracks you have provided feedback for.

If a person posts a track and verifies that they have already provided feedback on 3 tracks then go ahead and provide feedback to that track.

If a person posts a track and makes no mention about providing feedback for anyone else in their post, don't give that person any feedback. Just mention "you need to critique 3 tracks before anyone here will critique your track".

Wouldn't it be a great world if we all did this? I know forcing something like this might seem lame but it would sure be nice for those of use who keep giving and barely ever receive.

I'm going to upload my latest tonight and will try it... Let's see if it works.

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