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Old 2013-11-13, 21:52
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Why does propellerheads not still sell old versions of their software?

how can i buy reason 6.5 I run snow leopard and i cannot upgrade (its not to do with price or cost)
i want/need to remain on 10.6.8 snow leopard. i need reason 6.5. how can i buy reason 6.5 without buying it from some dodgy ebay auction..??

it makes me so angry that you guys dont sell old versions of your software
just because u make a new version doesnt mean that all the older computers dissappear into thin air.. i still have g3 macs.. i still have g4 macs.. i still have g5macs.. i still have intel core 2 duo macs + pcs...
not everyone needs to be at the cutting edge of tech to be productive...

stop behaving this way as a company.. if u sold a product EVER u should ALWAYS CONTINUE TO SELL + FULLY SUPPORT THAT PRODUCT.. or somewhere, someone out there is cursing your name... trust me.
TRUST ME.. its true.. ableton has every version of their program available for download on their site.. why can i not purchase reason 6.0 or 6.5? do u understand how often ive wanted to buy certain versions of your app and been unable to find it to buy it???

why do u change your website + remove all links + break all external weblinks everytime u release a new version of your apps???????

these are questions i hope u ask yourself in a board room setting sometime....

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