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3D rack

Just making two racks instead of one is not enough - too less inovative. It's a logical direction, which Reason should go, but I think a little bit farther.

I think to a real 3D-Rack. Think with me:

[First: With all suggestions I make now, there should be always a "backward compatibility mode", where you can shut that stuff and get the "god ol reason rack"!]

- Future computers will have more and more real 3D graphic-power. True.

- The graphic-card is in most cases an very powerful processor, which can do for such "easy tasks" as rotating a knob all itself. The cpu just says "turn this image by 145 degrees" and the GC makes the rest. True.

- So for those computers, a real 3D graphic has the effect, that it takes *less* cpu-time to render that, instead of more. For those, who say "no", remember again, there should be a downward-compatiblity-mode...

- So you can have several racks beside and you can look onto the devices, which have *real* buttons and you can zoom into a device, until one controll fills up the full screen, indepent of the monitors screen-solution.

- Now again think with me: How would it be to have those racks not place side by side. Place them in a "virtual studio"! Create some racks, put them into a room, cable them together, put them to a virtual mixer and so on. Like in a real studio.

How would that feel?

I think it should be astonishing easy and faszinating. You can move arround in this virtual studio and the direct coordination of Mouse-movement and what you see should make it much easier to edit the rack. Think for example of possibilities to create a "effect-only" rack, which could be automatically connected to a mixer-rack.
Think of saving not songs but racks only.

...Many more ideas...

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