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Old 2013-12-17, 10:11
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Hi and welcome to the Post Your Music Forum

If this is your first visit to the Propellerhead Forums, please read this post to learn about this forum and please take a moment to read the Forum FAQ for our forum guidelines.

If you are a returning visitor, you’ll notice that things have changed during our time away, so please read this post and the Forum FAQ to learn what’s new.

Post Your Music Forum
This is where you can post the music you make, either for shameless self-promotion or perhaps you are looking for constructive criticism.

Tip #1
Use the search function. If you have a question, it’s not unlikely someone else has asked that same question before. Please use the search function to check that before you post. You will find your answer quicker and you won’t have to post a repeat question.

Tip #2
Write a good subject line. You are far more likely to get help if you tell in the subject line what your question really is about.
Good: ”Can someone help me understand REX files?”
Bad: ”What’s up with this?????”

Tip #3
Please, always use a respectful tone. Always. This forum is about music software and music making and it shouldn’t be difficult to keep the tone civilized at all times. People who can’t respect that will be banned from the forum. If someone posts a nasty response to something you’ve written, be better than that and stay cool.

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