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Old 2014-01-02, 15:09
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Chord Display + What I'd Like To See

Does anybody else think it would be useful to display the chords somewhere on Reason. There's plenty of space near/on the transport panel for it. Would be handy in my opinion. I'm not a piano/keyboard player, and think this would be useful. It could say, if you press 1 key, display the key note, and if you press 2 or more keys/notes, display the chord.

I also think score lanes should be available for piano/midi and drum. That would be excellent. Printable as well.

Also a notepad to type your lyrics into.

I know there's many other things, more complex production things, like, has anybody used the Harmony To Midi on Ableton 9. It's amazing. Hum or whistle a ditty on an audio track, click harmony to midi, and voila, a new midi track appears with your notes on it. Will say though, it's accurate lol!

I wish Propellerhead would fix a very minor but irritating issue in the midi editor too - being able to lengthen midi notes from the left as well as the right, and splicing in the midi. Would just make things easier when you're in the creative zone.

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