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Price of Reason Upgrade

Does anybody think the Reason upgrades should be cheaper. I do. Maybe even free. Apparently PreSonus upgrades are free. That may be pushing it a bit though lol!

Anyway, I have Reason 6.5, and it's the same price to buy Reason 7 now (not the upgrade, just the software itself), and they were, don't know if they still are, but were giving away Radical Piano/Keys/Instruments for people who purchase 7 about a month ago, doesn't make sense to me. They should give Radical Keys etc to those who have already purchased Reason 7 then, we aren't all made of money. It's £111 to upgrade to 7. I paid £260 for 6.5 a year ago. I really could do with the audio quantizing. The spectrum EQ and grouping channels would be great too, and all the new sounds. So it's nearly half the price I paid for the software for an upgrade. I know some will say, well it's worth it, but should be a third that price if you ask me.

Apparently Propellerhead have told me that when the next version of Reason comes out, 7.5 or 8, then if I upgrade, I will get all the new things in 7, 7.1 and whichever version comes next, so I'm waiting till 7.5 or 8 comes out then it'll probably be the same price to upgrade, £111, and I will get double/triple bubble lol!

They should make it £40 each time or something, they'd still make plenty of money out of it.

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