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Old 2002-03-19, 21:21
Niklas Niklas is offline
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Any possibility to bring back the charts?

I remember the problems that grew around the charts when the Rebirth Song database was opened. Personally, it was a real let down that some stupid kids ruined the whole thing by cheating and destroying for others.

But things change... It's has been a very long while since the charts got closed down. And I can only count myself as the only "old"-Propellerhead Rebirther here (and occasional visits by others such as Peff, Jackplug, etc. But they're not regulars as I've been for the last three years :-D).

So will there be any possibility for a ReIntroduction of the charts?

Why? Because I really loved to listen to what people liked listening the most. And it was a real fun thing to have too! In my opinion; the Reason database feels a bit "short" or "empty". My suspicion sort-of points at the direction of lack of charts ;-).

Now when I come to think of it... Damn... I've visited here daily for three freaking years... It reminds me of something that I've been writing about... *cough*seventeenthofapril*cough*

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