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Old 2002-04-13, 15:37
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popular remixes - Paul van Dyk, BT(Brian Transeau), Hybrid??

Has anybody ever tried making a remix of any popular trax by the following artists:

Paul van Dyk: "For an Angel," "Another Way," "Words," Namistai"

BT (Brian Transeau): "Flaming June," "Godspeed," "Giving up the Ghost","Namistai,"

Humate: "Love stimulation"

.... etc....

Would it even be possible to make part of these track in reason and have then sound reasonably good?

I've got part of Paul van Dyk's "For an Angel" done in Reason by downloading the .mod file from, opening it in ModPlug Tracker( and then exporting the .mod file as a midi file afterwhich i imported it into Reason and allocated instruments, etc... so, i guess this is one way of doing if all those beginners like me ;-)

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