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midi remote controller problem.


I recently purchased this thinge here;

and I want to use it with my setup; computah (no need for info?) sblive running kx audiodrivers on win xp, and a mk149 evolution mastah keyboard.

problem occurs as soon as i coonect the controller to the card, and the keyboard to the controller.


the hardware works, i can program it, move faders, work buttons, and have feedback back in the display.
etc etc.

however, it stops there.

reason (ver 2) has no midi in recived whatsoever and nothing seems to be working.
i have assinged all faders to channel one (seems to be reasons defualt channel if not changed oi) and anyways. i don't get any feedback through the keyboard either if i let it run thru the remote controller.

read thru the manual and tried most of the stuff, and have fiddled with the reason prefrences enough now.

what am i doing wrong ?

how do i get the shizdnizzd to work ?

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