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Old 2002-07-19, 12:54
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My malstrom opinion (yes, another one)...

There have been many posts on this board about the Malstrom only being good for making "weird" sounds and whatnot.

When I found out the malstrom would be included in 2.0 and heard the inital samples of it on the website, I was immensely overjoyed. Due to the fact that I produce experimental music with noise influences, I couldn't of hoped for a better instrument to add to my sound palette. Upon using the 2.0 demo, after a bit of experience with it, I find it to be a very useful synth and will be making some decent use of it on the next album.

I for one haven't tried to do much with it in the traditional sense... warm pads or anything. All I can say though, that for my purposes, its a marvelous tool, and I am still shocked they included it. I think it is a great tool for anyone once they get used to it and know what they're doing rather than turning random knobs.

The bottom line is, an instrument is only as good as the person using it. I'm sure many of you would be shocked at the amount I've done with just the subtractor, using it in the most non-traditional ways with complex CV routings and such.

If you're not satisfied with the malstrom, maybe you need to sit down and evaluate your approach to it. Now granted, if you're making mock-vintage music on your computer, the malstrom isn't going to help you any. However, unless you're a strong traditionalist or are afraid of sounds you are not familiar with, I'm sure you can find a place for the malstrom in your tracks.

- Springs Can Sing

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